Thursday, 17 May 2012

Rubbish start to blogging

I was full of good intentions on how often I was going to blog, but then found that I was more keen on getting started on the Dollhouse!

Tonight I am going to upload my photos so that you can see what I have done so far.


  1. Hi Alice,
    Annabelle and I wanted to be the first to join your blog--I am also new to blogging.

  2. Alice, this isn't a rubbish start at all. If you post photos of your house every so often you will soon find that you have a great record of your progress and you'll have fun sharing your mini world with other like-minded people. Thanks for leaving a comment on the latest post on my blog, because it led me to your blog. I love its name and look forward to reading more about your house.
    Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)