Friday, 19 April 2013

Progress in coffee shop

Hi everyone, I think I've made a breakthrough! I have managed to spend more time working on the house and thought I would show progress in the coffee shop....

The shelf unit was originally part of a Michaels hutch that I bought when in Florida last year. I painted it and added the small rose which was on a piece of jewellery. I kept it thinking 'I'll use that somewhere' :-) I'm sure every miniaturist knows what I mean! The tea caddies are Reutters porcelain which are really sweet. The two Lily of the valley plates are buttons :-)

Some of my floor tiles are cracked but I decided to keep them. By the time I fill the room with other things I don't think they will be so noticeable...

I've also included a picture of the unit before I painted it. You can also see in the background egg carton bricks ready for the kitchen....

I haven't fitted the coving yet.... The other unit you can see also started off in a yucky glossy pine finish, again I finished it in the nice grey colour. I add glazing medium to the acrylic paint which gives a nice finish.

I put a half staircase in this room to give the illusion of going upstairs.

I have also been working on the kitchen stove range (egg carton bricks as mentioned above), I'll show pictures of it next time..

Thanks for reading and have a nice week :-)