Friday, 19 April 2013

Progress in coffee shop

Hi everyone, I think I've made a breakthrough! I have managed to spend more time working on the house and thought I would show progress in the coffee shop....

The shelf unit was originally part of a Michaels hutch that I bought when in Florida last year. I painted it and added the small rose which was on a piece of jewellery. I kept it thinking 'I'll use that somewhere' :-) I'm sure every miniaturist knows what I mean! The tea caddies are Reutters porcelain which are really sweet. The two Lily of the valley plates are buttons :-)

Some of my floor tiles are cracked but I decided to keep them. By the time I fill the room with other things I don't think they will be so noticeable...

I've also included a picture of the unit before I painted it. You can also see in the background egg carton bricks ready for the kitchen....

I haven't fitted the coving yet.... The other unit you can see also started off in a yucky glossy pine finish, again I finished it in the nice grey colour. I add glazing medium to the acrylic paint which gives a nice finish.

I put a half staircase in this room to give the illusion of going upstairs.

I have also been working on the kitchen stove range (egg carton bricks as mentioned above), I'll show pictures of it next time..

Thanks for reading and have a nice week :-)



  1. Hello Alice! What a great break-through it is! Your little shop is turning out so well. I love the idea of a staircase that is partially hidden from view I really makes you want to see more and gives a great illusion and depth to the space! I adore the little button plates! How delightful they look. Your wallpaper is romantic and the hutch is a great color and a wonderful shape. Do NOT attempt to change those wonderful tiles or even to hide them. When I was viewing the pictures I was admiring how well aged and authentic they look and they are right in the high traffic area so they would have taken the brunt of the abuse anyway so please love them because they couldn't be better looking than they are, they are perfectly imperfect!


    1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your lovely comments! Actually, I'm pleased you said that about the tiles, that was my thought that tiles naturally crack in real life, and as you say, near the door is quite likely. When I look back at the photos I worry that my readers will think it is shoddy workmanship. I'll try to be more confident!