Monday, 25 March 2013

I am a frustrated miniaturist....

Real life is getting in my way!! I'm working full time at the moment and the weekends have been taken up with mundane RL stuff! I keep looking at blogs and seeing lovely things made and I'm itching to work on my doll house....

However I have had a problem as well ..

Do you sometimes find yourself just looking at the house and procrastinating? I had a little time the weekend before last, and I did make the bread shown in my previous post, but I did that really because I had dismissed all of the jobs needing to be done to the house. The coving needs to be done but I am hopeless at getting the angles right! Husband came and showed me and it looked clear on what I had to do, as soon as he had gone I tried it myself, disaster struck!

I'm not happy with the lights I fixed in. They are hanging too low from the ceiling! I need to unstick them and pull the wire through.

Some wallpaper still needs to be fixed... My list could go on!

The good news is it is a bank holiday weekend coming up! I am going to work on my house all day Friday and not do a single 'grown up' thing :-)

Finally, I thought I would show my birthday cake made by my lovely youngest daughter. She adores baking and makes a beautiful sponge :-)




  1. Beautiful, I love real cakes as well as the miniature ones!

  2. I forgot to say that about being a frustrated are not alone!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Alice, Kudos to the wonderfulmdaughtermwho made you the cake, and of course to those who made such a sacrifice to help you eat it!

    Just keep doing mini things you enjoy and soon you will be able to tackle the daunting ones.

    Regards Kanine

  4. You're definitely not alone. I make the mistake of doing mini jobs in my head then when I come to do them for real, it's a chore because I feel I've done it already!

    Happy birthday and lovely cake!

  5. Hi Alice! I agree with Irene 100%!!!! I think about everything way too much and then don't feel like actually getting it done when it comes down to it, because mentally, I've moved on. Sometimes too, I am like you, frozen because I'm just plain scared to make a mistake, and like you it often involves cutting something complex like an angle. I have to actually MAKE MYSELF work on a project! It is often a chore mustering up the MOJO to get the next step out of the way. All I can say is just dive in anyway. If you don't do it, no one else will.

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Alice! All the Very Best to you in the year ahead!


  6. Thank you Irene and Elizabeth! I had a feeling I wouldn't be alone on this! I did a little work yesterday, but have definitely designated tomorrow as a day to push on with the less enjoyable tasks :-)