Friday, 1 March 2013

Unexpected delay on progress of Wisteria Lodge...

I just wanted to explain why I have not posted for a while on my blog. There was no excuse before Christmas, other than the usual build up to the festive season!

I had two weeks off work over Christmas and new year and had planned to work on the house the second week. Unfortunately I caught a cough and cold and felt miserable, so laid on the sofa watching TV and reading other people's blogs instead!  Very frustrating to say the least!

Then more sadder events occurred... My dad had the same cold but also suffered with COPD which is an impairment to the lungs.  He was not feeling at all well for the week and had three visits from the doctor before being admitted to the hospital. It was with massive shock and sadness to us that he died that night with his four daughters and wife of 53 years by his side. I can't describe how that feels, only those who have been through it will truly know how it is to lose such a loved person.

That was on the 12 January and all mine and my sisters spare time has been spent sorting his affairs and looking after our Mum since then.

This is the first weekend where I have felt as though I can do some work on the house.  By the way, it is called Wisteria Lodge because my Dad was born and lived as a child in Wisteria Cottage.  The house didn't really look like a cottage so I changed it to be Lodge as it looked suitably grand for the name. I know he was chuffed to think that I had called it that :)

I have got some photos of other work I had completed before Christmas though, so I will sort that out and get another post sorted.

Sorry that this was has been a bit of a downer, but wanted to explain.

Thank you Elizabeth for your comments on my bed, I haven't dressed it yet but will be doing so soon and I will post pictures.


  1. Che tristezza! Sincere condoglianze.

  2. Hello Alice! I send my heartfelt condolences to you and your family members at this time. Sickness and death are inevitable, but because we live with one foot in the miniature world where nothing bad happens and the Real Life one where bad thing so often do, it can throw us into an internal confusion. I have experienced it myself and I am sorry that you have to go through it,. Fortunately you have the comfort of your mother and your sisters to lean on and they are no doubt leaning as well, on you. As a Christian woman, I have always relied on the grace of God to get me through some very hard and difficult times. I wish for you the same blessings.


  3. Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words