Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A couple of things ... Reduced to one!

Hope you are all ok tonight. Just a quick post to show you something I made on Sunday. First of all I made a small picture to hang on the wall. I found a nice picture on the Internet and reduced it in photoshop. The frame is one that I found in the card making section of Dunelm Mill's. I painted some gloss Mod Podge on the print before sticking it on cardboard and attaching to the back of the frame. The other thing I made I will show you tomorrow :-)


  1. It is very interesting picture. I am working on roombox in Edwardian style too. I love that historic period of time a lot. Natalia

  2. Hello Alice,

    Its lovely yo meet you. I have you in the Christmas swap so will study your lovely Blog and decide what to make for you :-) Can you email me details of your home address to

    Jackie x

  3. I love that little frame! It's a great picture too.

  4. Hi Alice! Sorry it has taken me so long to answer your question on my blog. I left a message there, plus here: In my version of Word, it uses percentages. When you go in to size the image, it says it is at 100%. Play with the percentages until you get a size that looks right. If you want it to be 1/12 of the original, make it 8.3 percent. :-) Since my critters are a little oversized, I might just make it 10%. lol Hope that was helpful! xo Jennifer

  5. Alice, could you please email your address to me so I can send your gift =)

    email me at:

  6. Alice, the picture is perfect for the Edwardian setting. Great use of card embellishments for the dollhouse too. There are lots of things in scrapbooking and cardmaking that are useful, aren't there? Thanks for signing up as a follower on my Fairfield blog, it is great to have encouragement as I try to actually follow through from start to finish on one project for the first time ever vbg.