Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Up on the roof!

Where does the time go?  I get so into doing the work on the dollhouse and reading everybody else's blogs, then don't do anything to mine! 

I have to say though, it is so uplifting to the spirit when you get comments on your blog!  I can see that this could get addictive:)  It's also made me realise that I should be leaving comments on other people's as well.  I have got so used to lurking in the background, thoroughly enjoying reading them, but not leaving a comment to show my appreciation.  Can I make a new year's resolution ahead of time?  Why not??

Anyway, moving on to my progress on the house.  When I got it, there was slate tiling already attached, but I must admit, the more I looked at it, the more I didn't like the finish that had been achieved.  Tiles were put underneath other ones and they weren't even.  I like realism, but it just looked a bit messy to me.  The other problem (in my eyes) was that no lead flashing had been added round the dormer windows or the top.  My son advised me that lead flashing is put underneath and on top of tiles to keep the rainwater out!  Well, my little people can't get wet can they?  Having said that, my house isn't going to have people featuring in it, there will be just the impression that they have gone out! Anyway, I found a picture of how the dollhouse looked, unfortunately not brilliant as I snapped it on my iPhone but I think you can see what I mean:

So, I began by removing all of the tiles with a heat gun, it was the only way to melt the glue!  After prizing them all off, I soaked them in nail varnish remover to get rid of the glue residue.  It worked really well, but I must admit I had seen enough of the tiles by the time I had finished!  I then set about fixing the lead flashing on and gluing the tiles back in a bit neater.  I was pleased with the results, hope you like it too :)

This is with all the lead flashing added, I got it from Minimum World  I used the large scallop along the top of the roof and the small one round the dormer window.  The lead on the dormer roof was the original used again.

I have still got to add a little moss around the dormer windows just to make it look more realistic.

I'll move on to the chimneys tomorrow, thanks for reading :)


  1. Hi Alice, your roof is beautiful. I like the subtile variations in colour of the tiles. I agree with you that looking at other peope's blogs is inspiring but al little addictive too :-) I neglect working on my own house!

    1. Thanks very much Liduina. I have been enjoying reading your blog! I must make time to post a new entry on mine!

  2. Hi Alice, the lead flashing certainly adds realism to the roof - well done. And as for comments, it doesn't take long to leave a short comment when one reads a blog post and it is just so encouraging to the person who blogs. So yes, it's a great idea to do so when you can - otherwise the blogger tends to think that the readers aren't interested or don't like what is being done.